– Setup Norton with Product Key – As we know that cyber attacks are increasing in today’s time, in which hackers reach into our device using different techniques and work to harm useful data, financial, personal information, damage to our device There are various elements in delivering such as viruses, Trojans, ransomware, threats, malware, spam links and websites which are easily accessed in some way. You should have good antivirus software for all this protection.

What is Norton Antivirus Software?

norton setup

Norton Antivirus software is called Computer Security Guard which protects your system from the eyes of hackers and protects against harmful elements such as viruses, Trojans, threats, malware.

How can you get antivirus software?

To get antivirus software you can get it from the retail or local store in the market, apart from this you can also get online from the official website of antivirus.

How to use antivirus?

Antivirus is very easy to use which is:-

  • Account creation
  • To download
  • To install
  • To activate

Guide to creating user account on antivirus website

To use antivirus, one has to create an account first, you can easily create it through the guide given below.

  1. Use a better internet browser after turning on your device.
  2. Next, open the antivirus website.
  3. Enter the product key for further processing.
  4. In order to create an account, fill in personal details in which email, password, first name, last name, mobile number, country will be asked.
  5. Click on the Create an account tab.
  6. You have successfully created an antivirus account.

Guide to download antivirus software from

Download process is mandatory because it’s first process. Let’s follow it’s guide given below:-

  1. First, download the software from the official website which is “
  2. Read carefully it’s licence agreement.
  3. Open account with log in credentials.
  4. For new users, enrolled your account with personal details.
  5. Select your products you want to.
  6. Choose & hit on download option.
  7. Follow on-screen further directions.
  8. Now, your antivirus software is now downloaded.

Guide to Install Norton device security

The second process is necessary after downloaded antivirus. Let’s follow it’s guide:-

  1. Go to the download location.
  2. Hit & double click on download folder.
  3. Next, run or execute .exe file.
  4. Now, accept term and conditions policies.
  5. After that, clink continue to proceeds it from user account control windows.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to further process.
  7. Finally, you have done and installed.

Guide to activate antivirus software

  1. Launch the antivirus website.
  2. Locate your product key on registered e-mail address.
  3. Open mail folder and go to setup with product key link.
  4. Now, put the 25 digit activation key code.
  5. Click to proceeds to next process.
  6. Finally, you have completed activation process.

So, you have know and complete guide of download antivirus, install antivirus and activate antivirus.