Edge Computing

In today’s era, we need some technology that can be fast and save our time by doing the right in a very accurate way, edge computing is one of them.

When it comes to edge computing, the first step is how user experience can be improved By saving the time of the user and giving him better service which he deserves.

Examples of edge computing are smart street lights, automated industries, and automated Drones and cars like vehicles.

Edge computing is mainly focused on reducing the task or operation time

Edge computing technically works with keeping data storage and computer power near the device and data source So that it can work more quickly and correctly.

Edge computing is going to make a place in the future as a much bigger and robust industry. whose importance can be understood by now.

IBM edge computing project will take this technology to greater heights, Where we will see how the next generation devices will be able to work accurately in a short time and this will make the user experience many times better than today.

Mobile Edge Computing is also a part of this which will provide us a system or environment whereby we can control many other devices with the help of a single device.
And we will be able to monitor the performance and user experience of all those devices in a single click. and With the help of cloud computing, we will be able to store data correctly and understand it with ease.

Edge computing taking 5G network services to a New Frontier and
with the help of virtual reality (VR), the Internet Of things (IoT), Cloud Computing and By joining artificial intelligence together, we will be able to create much better and advanced technology.
Which will be even more amazing with edge computing.

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