Social Media

Social Media
The term social media comes in limelight after the popularity of Facebook and Instagram, by social media a user can connect with other people, create a social network, and share thoughts in the form of images, text, and videos.
so basically social media is a platform which is websites and applications, we use social media for entertainment, business purpose, and so on.

The different types of social media network

Blogging and Publishing:

many bloggers use blogging and publishing sites to write creative content and articles on different niches.

examples: WordPress, Blogspot, and Tumblr

purpose: sharing knowledge/experiences, engage the audience to generate leads and sales,

Social Network:

we can easily connect with our friends, family, and co-worker with social networking sites.

examples: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

purpose: to build good connections or networks, brand advertising.


To find information, discuss a topic, share news, and opinions

examples: quora, Reddit.

purpose: advertising a product and services by sharing a link or website.

Media Network:

people use media networks to find and share Livestream videos, to do vlogging, online gaming, watch and share offline videos, images and to listening podcasts, etc.


Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube

purpose: social media goals and advertising.

some Honorable mention: Pinterest, Flipboard

Benefits Of Social Media

1 best and easy way to communicate with our family and friends with lots of cool features.

2 find and search trends like Halloween sale, Christmas sale, and new year trends.

3 easily engage the audience, generate leads, and increase sales.

4 create a brand value to become popular.

5 gain organic traffic for SEO.

Most obvious Impact of Social Media on Society

1 cultural impact

Through social media, we can learn and understand different cultures and observe other people’s behavior and response across the world to learn new things by implementing and comparing our culture and behavior with other regions of the planet.

examples: listening to music in a non-native language, trying to cook food in different ways, try to dress up like other culture’s ppl from diff regions, and make an effort to understanding their beliefs.
so yAA social media play a big role in it.

2 spread of Fake News

sometimes it is pretty hard to identify Fake News and Misinformation, so in the flow of emotions, we share fake news without knowing the main reason behind it, because it could be easily shared on social media that could be harmful in many different ways whether it comes on a personal image or brand value.


social media is a great platform to make connections, grow a business, and make this society a betters place but aimlessly using it, is not a good choice because everything is better within the limits.

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